Customer feedback

The Sensei's' dedication and motivation is infectious and the children thrive off their energy and passion. My son has grown in confidence, improved his concentration and he has learnt respect and self defence.

Overall, at 9 years old he has grown into a hardworking, driven, well rounded boy with a black belt to show for it!
My son is very lively and needed something to channel his energy as he was starting to become a little naughty.

The Sensei's were extremely supportive and continued his discipline within the classes, with their support and my son's love of the karate and club he has turned his behaviour and attitude around.

I wanted to get fit and lose weight, I set myself a challenge that I would try the ladies only class. I told the Sensei's my goal and they have been so supportive and encouraging.

It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted to enrol in a whole programme. I now go 3 times a week, my eldest son is doing 6 classes a week and is totally focussed on the karate and his schooling.

-- Crystal xxxx

My 5 year old daughter is at the start of her karate journey and is loving her Super Ninja classes where she is learning the basic disciplines and improving her fitness through games and fun.

-- Suzy & Rory Verner

We have been at CCBA for over 2 years. We joined because we wanted to all do a sport as a family. We had a fantastic welcome and soon felt like part of the family. CBBA suits us because of the flexibility of lessons.

You can always find another lesson to go to if your plans change.

The lessons are fun and varied and the atmosphere relaxed and friendly, but its not a pushover, you get a really good workout from the Sensei's. We love it and can't wait to graduate to Black belts!!''

-- Jakki Sutherland

From the moment we started at CBBA we loved it. We joined as a family so we could get fit and we are so grateful to everyone for being so welcoming and friendly.

Exercise has never been so enjoyable.

They are a unique bunch who welcome newcomers so well that you feel like part of the family straight away. You will get fit with the added bonus of learning something truly amazing in the process.

-- The Topping Family

Max has been a member of CBBA for just over 3 years because that's what he is a member of a team not just a student. His next goal is his Black Belt, he is at just 8 years old and understands the commitment required and admires the Black Belts he trains with and aspires to their skills and talents.

His physical fitness and stamina is improving consistently however it is his character which CBBA his Sensei's Wayne, Matt, John, Sue, Tina, Jason, have helped him develop. He has an inner strength he didn't have before and a sense of pride and respect.

Plus he's made many friends and had so much fun at some great parties so thank you all this is something which will shape him as a man and will stand him in good stead for all the challenges life's journey will throw at him, x Max & Mum .....

He's even trying to get me to join :)

Karate is amazing because it is good for you to help keep you fit and healthy and you learn respects and focus- it helps in every day life

-- Jessie aged 9.

It was obvious the moment my son joined the team at Crawley Black Belt Academy that this is a professional and family friendly karate school. All the Sensei's display such passion and motivation in helping the guys learn life skills and my son loves going. He is 5 years old and I was unsure how he would adapt. But each week he gains in confidence and its all down to the team at the Academy. I am always recommending the Academy to other parents as I cannot praise them enough

-- Lee Saunders